Household waste incinerator is one of the products contributing to the environmental protection that the Science, Technology and Environment Protection Company is providing to organizations, units and individuals nationwide. Here are details of the products of household waste incinerators that we are deploying.

Urgent problem of domestic waste treatment today

Garbage in general and domestic waste in particular are an urgent issue and receive much attention from the whole society. According to these statistics, one person generates about 0.5 - 0.8 kg of household waste every day, meaning that about 90 million Vietnamese people are releasing about 72,000 tons of waste every day. This is really a huge number and no small challenges in environmental protection.

Not only that, the current domestic waste is mostly concentrated in places with high population density such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or many other cities and towns resulting in heavy pressure to handle. domestic waste. Although Vietnamese people have improved many living habits, however, indiscriminate littering is still a big worry affecting the environment, especially when the amount of waste discharged per day will increase according to the level of consumption. use and activities of the population.

In fact, it is easy for you to recognize the signs of pollution caused by domestic waste, especially in the residential areas around the dumping grounds, the signs are very diverse: a strong stench. , dense flies ... these problems directly affect the health and quality of life of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people.

Advanced domestic incinerator solution

Science, Technology and Environmental Protection Company is a unit with nearly 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing all kinds Incinerators in general and domestic waste incinerators in particular. Currently, with the needs of each locality, we provide household waste incinerators products with different capacities:

- Treating rural household waste: capacity of 10 to 20 tons per day

- Handling municipal waste: capacity of 20 to 200 tons per day

Waste incinerators provided by Opto are granted exclusive patent certificates and certificates such as:

- The incinerator has been granted a certificate of compliance with Decision No. 686 / BXD by the Ministry of Construction on June 12, 2015.

- The incinerator is granted an industrial design patent exclusive of 22516

- The exhaust gas treatment system has been granted patent monopoly by the NOIP.

-Lighting incinerator was awarded the Gold Cup "Environmentally friendly product" voted by Vietnam Environment Technology Council and Environmental Economic Review in 2013, organized by Environment and People of Korea. coordinating with Vietnam Association of Nature and Environment to vote and award the cup of environmentally friendly products

Our domestic waste incinerator system is a comprehensive solution, including some key components such as:

- Roughing and unloading machine combined with putting garbage on the conveyor belt

- Garbage conveyor to transfer waste into plastic bag tearing machine

- Plastic bag tearing machine

- Conveyor to put garbage into the furnace

- Fertilizer sorting and production line (optional)

- Incinerato

- Exhaust treatment system

Why should you choose Opto-supplied domestic waste incinerator?

- Opto domestic waste incinerators meet Vietnam standards QCVN61: 2015 / BTNMT

- Meet various types of capacity from 500kg / h to tens of tons / h

- Technology of negative pressure, natural gas supply, low energy consumption, low operating costs

- Simple operation, 24/24 operation for a long time

- Easy to maintain and maintain with replacement equipment available in Vietnam

- Direct burning of raw waste without drying, burning garbage with 100% moisture or too saturated.

- Automating the process of tearing, preliminary sorting and transferring garbage to the kiln, minimizing the stages of human contact directly with waste

- Technological improvements allow fast incineration with high capacity of incineration.

- Operation process is supported by the Company. Maintenance and warranty stages if customers need it, the company will provide direct handling personnel.

The outstanding advantages of domestic waste incinerator Opto fabricated compared to the incinerators on the market are gathered as the following table:

Garbage collection 7-10 days to reduce humidity to <35% Burn on the same day.

Rubbish burns any moisture (100% or even too saturated) because there is an oven in the oven

Garbage collection 7-10 days should have a large warehouse to store rubbish and dry rubbish. Very difficult during the rainy season, garbage will be congested, causing many environmental consequences.
Garbage transfer Bucket (hoist), bucket truck toppling garbage or conveyor belt Rough garbage collection machine in the background

Băng tải I

Refined separator cum sorting rock, soil, organic humus

Conveyor II

If using vertical vertical elevator, consume large amount of energy, flip mechanism or malfunction.

If using a bucket to overturn the garbage, the unused garbage is not torn, so it is difficult to burn.

Waste incinerator: Integrating transporting garbage with rubbish to dispose of garbage and preliminarily sorting rock and soil through sacks and when moving on conveyor belt. Garbage is transferred regularly into the trough and poured into the furnace. The coarse garbage scraper is placed on the floor, so just use a bulldozer to push down the pit to reduce energy consumption

Load rubbish Hydraulic piston pushing garbage Automatic mechanical mechanism topples garbage into the furnace (from the top of the furnace) Using hydraulic pistons will consume energy and consumables during operation. Vietnamese garbage has many plastic bags, so plastic bags melted (due to the heat in the furnace) clumping on the trough, so incidents often occur, workers must climb to solve and demolish.

Household Incinerator: No energy consumption, no breakdown due to plastic bag melting

Burn the oven Record static or teleport Record static or teleport
Possibility of burning 35% -40% moisture Burn all moisture as the oven has a drying chamber right inside. To reduce the humidity, it is necessary to expose the rubbish, so after a few days of rubbish will begin to decompose causing a foul odor, leachate appears.

Household Waste Incinerator: Do not dry the garbage without causing odor pollution, no leachate. Steam from the drying chamber is separated to handle dust in cylon very effectively. Factory area is much smaller

Gas supply Primary air supply: blower Supply natural gas, do not use fans. Using a blower will consume power. Direct air supply through the blower will cool the furnace. Positive pressure technology (air inlet for burning)

Household Waste Incinerator: Self-aspirating air: Negative pressure technology. Power consumption = 0. Air is heated before entering the oven

xhaust fan Huge capacity Self suction by using negative pressure technology Using exhaust fans will consume huge energy and operating costs are very high because the fan must operate in high temperature environments, toxic emissions. If made of 304 stainless steel, the fan must be replaced every two years, the price is very high. If made of ordinary steel, then 6 months to stop the furnace to replace fans.
Processing technology According to classical technology Use steam to process Utilizing the heat of the incinerator generates excessive heat steam. This steam is much more likely to be exposed to dust and emissions than conventional jet nozzles.

No need to use a pump, so it does not consume electricity and supplies during operation.

Nature of technology Positive pressure technology Sound pressure technology Positive pressure technology has been around since humans knew how to cook. Sound pressure technology dates back to 2001

Above is the introduction of Opto domestic waste incinerator, to find out information and price of our domestic waste incinerator, please contact:




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